Wednesday, February 10, 2010

blessings and blankies...

I know it seems like all I am blogging about lately is Cooper's surgery, but I thought this was such a neat story I just had to share it...

A few weeks ago we took Cooper up to PCMC to do an echo. They had to sedate him so that they could get the best images of his heart that they possibly could. I always hate it when they have to sedate him, they put an iv in him and then I just hold him until his eyes roll back and he's out. It's such a weird feeling and not one that I enjoy. I was also just nervous as to what they would find since it seems like every time we do an echo we get bad news. Braxton was particularly upset that morning too and he called me several times from school worrying about him. He is so sensitive and it is really hard to see how much he worries about his baby brother. It was kindof a crazy morning, between all of the emotions and worrying and the fact that he couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight I was about to go crazy! By the time they got him in and ready it was 11:30 am and he was so hungry and grumpy from being poked. He was not a happy camper so the nurse gave him this cute little stuffed dog to cheer him up.

For those of you who know Cooper, you know how much he loves doggies. He is obsessed, so it really comforted him to have a new little doggie friend and I was just relieved that he now had something to take his attention off of yanking his IV out. A few minutes later we went into the echo room and when we walked in there was this darling little dalmatian doggie blanket laying on the bed. He was now overjoyed and the IV was no longer an issue. In my head I silently thought, Wow...somebody must have known he loves doggies:)

Shortly after he was sleeping soundly and the echo was over before we knew it. When we were finished the tech told us to keep the blanket and take it home with us. I knew how happy that would make him and as he woke up in the recovery room he pointed to each little doggie on the blanket and smiled. It was so cute.

Well, later that day when we got home Braxton was just getting off the bus. He ran through the door, excited to see his baby brother and when I showed him his new toy and blanket Braxton looked at me in amazement...He didn't say a word, he just picked up the blanket and touched it and inspected it for a long time. After a while he looked at me and said,
"Mom, I made this blanket."
"What? When did you ever make a blanket?" I asked.
He looked at me like I was a five year old and said "Ummm, don't you remember when we made those blankets for school at Christmas time?"
Right when he said that I totally remembered getting the notes from school talking about how the kids were making blankets for a service project for Christmas. I even remembered Braxton telling us that he was working on a doggie one and that it was his favorite. It seemed crazy to me that this could actually happen but I knew that it had.

The next day I just happened to be helping out in Braxton's school class so I casually asked his teacher about the blanket project and she confidently told me that they had donated many blankets to Primary Children's Hospital during the holidays.

I couldn't believe that out of all of the items that are donated to the hospital every year and out of all of the kids that are admitted to Primary Children's Hospital every year little Cooper ended up with the doggie blanket that his big brother had worked on. Braxton and I talked about it later and we both agreed that Heavenly Father knows how much Braxton loves his baby brother and how hard it is for him to be away from him sometimes, especially when he is sick. So maybe this was his way of letting him know that he could always have a little piece of him with him and that they would both be comforted by it.

I know for me it was just a small little miracle that shows me how mindful Heavenly Father is of all of us and our struggles and challenges. He hears and answers our prayers, weather it's a worried mom or a scared little 8 year old...He hears us and he knows what we are going through. He knows what we need...even if it's just something as small as a little doggie blanket to help calm us down. He is listening...



I love this! What an amazing blessing. The tender mercies we receive are astounding!

Hugs & Prayers,


WOW! Tears. How amazing is that! I am so glad that I got on here and realized that his surgery is tomorrow because I have been thinking of you guys all week and had never heard anything. Good luck tomorrow, we will continue to pray for all of you guys.


That is so amazing! Its sweet tender mercies from the Lord that help us to know that He is very aware of us and that even the smallest things can help us get through any trial. Good luck with everything! We will keep your sweet family in our prayers

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