Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's hard to believe that our little trooper had open-heart surgery just 2 weeks ago! He is doing so good, it's amazing how fast he recovered once we got home. Judd and I keep joking that he must having been saving all his energy up for after he got home from the hospital. He has always been a busy little guy, but he is now even crazier than ever and seriously never sits still! I have to chase him all over the house just to try to get him to eat something.
I took him to his 2 week post-surgery checkup up at Primary last week and they said he looked great! The x-ray looked perfect and they did an EKG and said that everything looked good. I was so thrilled to have good news for once! We have to take him back in July for an ECHO and hopefully things will still be looking good...

Of course I still worry every single day about his heart and I wonder if that subaortic membrane is going to grow back. I worry about how many surgeries might be in store for him and what his quality of life is going to be like...but I try not to think about it too much. Going through this for the 2nd time has made me realize that life cannot be planned and that we are rarely ever really in control of what happens in our lives as much as we all want to be. Being the planner that I am, and also being the very impatient person that I am, has made this a very hard thing for me to embrace...but I now have a greater appreciation for life and I am trying to just live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes. Cooper is healthy right now and that's all that matters, we are just gonna roll with the punches and have a great summer!



Wow! He looks so good!

carolyn q

What an inspriring post. I am glad that he is doing so well!


Your kids are so adorable. I am new to your site and just hopped over to check out your jewelry. It is amazing and I love many of your items.

My son, Logan, was born in 2006 with five complex heart defects and has endured three open heart surgeries already. His journey is far from over and he faces many more surgeries. He is one brave little boy and my hero.

Thanks for doing what you do to spread awareness for CHD's and to help other families affected.

I am so glad to read that your little Cooper is doing well


Kingsford Family

Yea! I'm glad Cooper recovered so quickly and continues to do well! What a cutie!


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