Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cooper the Trooper (day #1)

So our little guy made it through the surgery and is doing great...I can honestly say that the past few days have been by far the hardest days of my life, nothing I have ever experienced could even compare to this. Sittng in that waiting room during the 5 hour operation was the hardest part, we were so nervous and anxious. The nurse would come in and update us every hour and we would just count down the minutes until she was supposed to come in, but then as soon as we could see her walk out of the operating room to come and talk us we would dread what she was going to say, we were so scared it was going to be bad news...It was the best feeling in the world when she finally came out told us that the surgery was complete and we could go see him in the Intensive Care Unit!

I tried to prepare myself for what he would look like when I saw him for the first time, but I don't think I could have ever been mother wants to see her baby like this:( It was pretty hard, and being in the PICU was incredibly hard for me. There are no doors or anything, it's just big open space with dr's, nurses, surgeons, and a million other people running circles around all of the sick little kids that are hooked up to dozens of machines and iv's. It was pretty intense...the first day we were there 3 different families lost a child and it was so heartwrenching to see it all!
We were SO glad when he finally got to his own room a few days later and we could finally focus on his recovery instead of all of the emotion in the PICU.
I will update more tomorrow...I am pretty exhausted, but I wanted to post a little bit since so many people have been calling and texting me asking about him. He is doing so good, he is a little fighter and we feel so blessed to have such a special little baby...Thank you all for your support and prayers, We love you!!!


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