Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cooper the Trooper (day #3)

Day 3 was a much better day...we had a long night the night before but Cooper was able to get a little rest and the Dr's felt like he was ready to start waking up. They came in 1st thing in the morning and took out his 2 chest tubes, the iv's in his neck and took him off of all of his meds and oxygen. I was really worried about how he would respond and how much pain he would be in but he did surprisingly well. It was so nice to hold and cuddle him with out all of the tubes everywhere. He just had a few things left on him but they were on his chest and feet so he was able to move much more freely and we even got to take him for a wagon ride through the PICU. He could barely open his eyes but he was so excited to leave his room...I think we finally felt like we were getting our sweet little baby back, it was so exciting!
They decided to keep him in the PICU just one more night to monitor him and make sure he was ok without all of the meds and oxygen. He continued to do great and was up and walking around (with a little help) later that night. He was able to have a baba and we even ordered him in room service. He was so excited to eat and drink but later that night he started having a hard time. He was very shaky, throwing up and itching like crazy. We later realized that he was having a bit of a reaction from the oral lortab they had been giving him so we took him off of that and he did much better. He was now just taking tylenol and motrin, which I thought was amazing considering what he had been through. He is such a little fighter!


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