Friday, August 20, 2010

heart moms unite...

Back in May I was invited to attend a very special event that I will never forget. Carolyn Quigley, President of Intermountain Healing Hearts, put on an amazing luncheon at Gardner Village to bring together and honor "heart moms." It was so touching for me to meet so many other women who have been through and are currently going through similar experiences as me and my sweet Cooper.
Margaret Cardall, who is the mother of the amazing pianist and CHD/heart transplant survivor Paul Cardall was the keynote speaker and she gave an inspiring talk about how important mommies are to these amazing, fragile, and courageous little heart kids.
She told about all of her experiences with Paul and how she got through them and how all of her trials made her a better mother and a stronger woman. It was just what I needed to hear and really strengthened me and gave me courage to face what may be to come. Following her speech Paul played his beautiful music for us and I am pretty sure he brought just about every single one of us to tears. He is amazing.
That afternoon I bonded with each and every one of those 100+ heart moms, it felt so good to be able to come together with something so awful and emotional in common but at the same time be lifted up by each others knowledge and strength. It truly was a day to remember...


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